Chapter Resources

Educational Resources:

Apollo Fun Facts & Mini Coloring Book: A handout of Fun Facts and a mini coloring book for the Apollo Moon missions.

Galileo and the Telescope: A handout prepared for science classes by our own Dr. Larry Friesen.

Newton and Gravity: Another handout from Dr. Larry Friesen.

Permission is granted to reproduce these items for educational and non-commercial use, with attribution. Our thanks to Brian Floca for permission to reproduce his Apollo coloring pages.

For Further Information:

Materials featured at the October 17, 2016 meeting:

[Courtesy of the Sacramento L5 Society]


initiating-a-lunar-power-utility-100216: A 10 page proposal for establishing solar power utilities for the establishment and support of a lunar colony.

settling-space-091116: A 37 page outline of various options for establishing permanent space settlements.


Settling Space in 90 Seconds: A short two-minute video capsule of the proposal for powering a lunar settlement, presented at the 2016-10-17 meeting. Download Link. Live Streaming.

Powering A Moon Base: An expanded 30 minute video of the lunar base power satellite proposal. Download Link. Live Streaming. A “rough draft” 37 minute version of this video is also available; links will be provided upon request. Send inquiry email to

Please note that these videos are hosted on a private server over a residential connection; streaming performance may suffer in the event of multiple simultaneous views.

Recommended Links:

Marianne J. Dyson: Award-winning author and former NASA flight controller; long-time Clear Lake Area chapter member and director.