About the Chapter

The Clear Lake Area chapter of the National Space Society was founded in 1992 and received its charter in 1993. It was very active in its early years and hosted ISDC 1999 in Houston. However, some time after that effort it went largely inactive.

While the Artemis Society and the early Moon Society were active in Houston in years before, the present Houston Chapter of the Moon Society was founded in early 2008 and participated in events in 2009 commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. After discussions with the active members of the Clear Lake Area NSS the two chapters agreed to merge in November 2010.

Since then the Clear Lake Area chapter has operated as an active National Space Society chapter and a “collaborating NSS Chapter” of the Moon Society. There is currently no chapter membership fee and meetings are open to the public, but members must be an active member of either the National Space Society or the Moon Society to vote for officers and participate in chapter business. Candidates for Chapter office must be, or must be willing to become, active members of BOTH the National Space Society and the Moon Society.

You do not have to be an NSS or Moon Society member to be added to our email list for announcements about local events. Our events are always open to the public. You may sign up on our mailing lists in the sidebar; we currently have a list for meetings and social activities sponsored by our Chapter and a second list for news of activities sponsored by other organizations which may be of interest to those in the Houston area. Also, check out our Meetup Page!

To benefit the chapter, when you join NSS or renew a lapsed (9+ months) membership, please list chapter number 748 on your membership form. This will trigger a rebate to the chapter that helps us fund educational events and does not cost you anything. Use this link to join NSS and the Clear Lake Area chapter: JOIN NSS & Chapter 748.

Chapter Officers (as of October 15, 2018):

  • President: Eric Bowen (713-991-3575, home number)
  • Vice-President: Doug Hall
  • Treasurer: Jay Lewchanin
  • Secretary: Currently vacant
  • Directors:
    • Position 1: Marianne Dyson
    • Position 2: Keith Dauzat
    • Position 3: Dr. Larry Friesen

Chapter Documents: